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One link, not email
attachment hell

Make it easier for your prospect or partner to communicate a world of info to their team and stakeholders. Instead of sending mutual action plans and assets as individual files, host it all in one central hub.

Keep a pulse with Analytics

Know when your parters are opening links, downloading files, viewing pages, and more. Then, swoop in to add value and move the deal forward.

My first deal closed in 2 weeks! $60k and the smoothest process the buyer had ever seen.

Jordan Hale
AE at ConnectWise

How Loxo works

Create customer-facing spaces using templates

From there, enter basic details about your partner and Loxo will pull in their logo and other info automatically.

Customise in seconds with drag-and-drop

Create sections with one click and embed anything from PDFs to images to videos.

You can also insert links to pull resources such as docs or slide presentations into your Loxo space.

Stand out with video

Use the in-app video recorder to quickly record a personalised introduction.

You can upload a script and use the built-in teleprompter to get it done in one take.

Send one link

Publish your space and send the URL to your partner.

You can also draft an email in-platform, or choose from existing email templates, to speed up the process.

See who’s engaging

Use Analytics to see who’s visiting your space, which pages they’re viewing, what links they’ve opened, which files they’ve downloaded, and more.

Then, swoop in at the right time, contact the right person, and move the deal forward.

Drive deals forward with Loxo.

How Loxo can help you

Spend less time on admin

Instead of using several tools to create one source of information for your prospect, use one tool that’s built for it.

You’ll also have access to features you wouldn’t have otherwise, such as Analytics.

Sell when you’re not in the room

Make sure your buyer champion is armed to sell your solution to their decision makers.

By providing them with all the info they'll need in one central location, you can be confident in their ability to lead the conversation.

Swoop in at the right moment

Know when your prospect's stakeholders are engaging with your site, which pages they're viewing, their job titles, and more.

Then, reach out to the right decision maker based on their activity and move the deal forward.

Create more accurate forecasts

With Loxo, you'll know if your prospects are discussing your solution internally.

By reviewing Analytics, you can see who's reviewing your spaces, and know where your deals stand, without having to follow-up.

Shorten your sales

Prospects have to sell your solution internally to different stakeholders in different departments.

By providing them with one URL instead of a dozen files, you can help them reduce back-and-forth and speed up the buying process.

Improve the buying experience

B2B buyers prefer to get information on their own and make purchasing decisions as a group.

By hosting all the info they will need in one place and making it easier to communicate internally, you can adapt to how buyers buy today.

Don't drown in tools. Streamline and consolidate your workflow with Loxo.


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Central Hub Creation

Loxo made me look like a rockstar in a $2.3M deal.

Zac Cooper
Enterprise AE at Replicant

Create an elevated sales experience.

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